Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the post Mother's Day post

This marks the 2nd year I've celebrated Mother's Day. One of the things I looked forward to is her gift in the form of an artwork planned by her teachers. This year I got a colourful fridge magnet (see picture above)! 

Celebrated Mother's Day a day earlier with my side of the family. Bonesteak and the works! It was a big gathering  of the families of my maternal grandmother's children at her place. Quite pleased that I've contributed to the pool of great-grandkids. It was really nice seeing them play around with each other.

It was a simpler affair with the in-laws on Sunday. Finally dined at Badoque after wanting to do so for quite some time now. The food was alright, not very spectacular but the service was fantastic. But something even more fantabulous would be the Badoque Steak. 

 This #motherofsteak costs $19.50. If I'd known the steak would be the size of the Titanic, I wouldn't have ordered the spaghetti. Even hubs (whose stomach is a bottomless pit) could not finish it. Definitely know where to dine next time I get mad hungry. 

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