Sunday, May 27, 2012

nomads for a week

first things first, exams are over! so yeay!
but unfortunately, hubs has left us for Bintan to chaperon the Rafflesians and will only be back next Saturday. 

since it's quite a bit of a hassle to commute from Punggol to Yio Chu Kang, i've decided to stay at my mum's at Ang Mo Kio til Tuesday cos my MIL has kindly offered to house us and send us to work/school all the way from Pasir Ris just so she can spend more time with her only grandchild. 

this has been hubs' fourth trip away from us this year with the first being to chaperon the Rafflesian Ruggers to Hong Kong. 
i hope this week will go pass very fast. meh. 

on another note, we'll be having a dinner date with nurita, an old friend who's made it very big in the fashion world of Malaysia, tomorrow night. the last time we saw nuri was a couple of years back when Alisha hasn't even learnt to walk. 

hmmm, maybe i'll start planning on Alisha's 2nd birthday celebration. 

oh! oh!
Cinderella got her self two new pairs of shoes last week, courtesy of her beloved parents. behold!


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