Monday, May 28, 2012

The Book Depository: the virgin buy

3 weeks ago, I decided to get some books from the much-raved-about The Book Depository and today, brown paper packaging graced my desk. The peak of the online shopping experience is definitely seeing the packages of your purchases waiting for you to rip them open.
photo (19)

There are so many fabulous things about The Book Depository. The first thing that grabbed me were three magical words - FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY! No shipping cost! Nothing! Nada! Zilch! Zero! Secondly, the prices of the books are cheaper than those in bookstores - I got The Little Prince at SGD 3.63! i don't even....! The delivery time was not that long either- I'd expected to receive the items in June - but oh what joy!
photo (17)

The Little Prince is one of the books I'd meant to read but never got around to reading (or buying/borrowing at that!). When I saw that it was selling for SGD 3.63, i was like HOMIGAH I GOTS TO GET ME THAT! and now yeay~ one off the to-read checklist.

I've yet to show the other two books to my girl and I bet she'll flip for joy because one! she loves the song "Down in Jungle" which she learnt from her childcare and two! giraffes have displaced all other animals to be her favourite animal - i suppose it might've something to do with the fact her teether was the now neglected Sophie the Giraffe.

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