Wednesday, July 4, 2012

the birthday week (pre-bash)

procrastinated post part one

monday (18062012)
we ended up not sending Alisha to school afterall which meant that there was no spring cleaning. since SIL was on leave, we decided we'd go to the Jacob Ballas Garden then but silly me forgot why i'd plan for it to be on a Tuesday. when we arrived at the entrance of the garden, we realise that it closes every Monday! we made our way to Takashimaya Departmental Store instead where SIL got her a plush from Leapfrog which can be personalised with songs and your child's name! we then allowed her to roam around at the steps  outside Ngee Ann City Mall where she had a fall. called sbcc @ amk which reverted us to the branch in bishan and omg! we have found a new pd we love! and the clinic is less crowded than the one at amk! i was thankful for two things that night: how the fall was not a serious one and how we've found a new pd to go to without having to wait 128934823849234 years before actually seeing the pd.

roaming around 

tuesday (19062012)
cancelled Jacob Ballas Garden outing as it rained the whole day. lazed around at home.

wednesday (20062012)
collected bag tags from ribbonz and omg was sooooo delighted at how beautiful they were. i even ordered two special ones for alisha and myself~

badly taken photo of the tags

special tags for mummy and baby

went over to 'umar's to get the pannacotta for the bash in school and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly she got so comfortable there. she was amusing everyone, going "where's the cat? where's the cat?". umar & family also gave her a birthday present which i love!! and which alisha has been playing quite a lot with! it was truly sweet for erna to include extra pannacottas (which we devoured as soon as we got back.muahaha)

mad love for the pannacottas

yummylicious pannacotta 

p/s: am so glad i made arrangements to get the bag tags from ribbonz. the books i ordered from singsale arrived only today -_-

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