Wednesday, June 6, 2012

preparing for the second

a couple of weeks ago, my sister introduced me to SingSale and i went all omg!love!love!love! and proceeded to purchase board books to be given out to my girl's classmates on her 2nd birthday celebration.a notification  stated that my items will  be delivered 7 days after the promotion ends which was still quite alright seeing as how her birthday is on the 22nd of June. however, my excitement was short-lived when I decided to google for SingSale reviews only to learn that they engage snails and sloths to dispatch their goods which would prolong the delivery time from 7 days to 2-3 months . so i decided to clarify the issue with them via the enquiry form informing them  of what i had read online and i hoped that it wouldn't be the case since i needed the books to reach me by 21 june. i was then told that the items would reach me only 28 days after promotion,  not 7 days as per what was flashed on the screen when i made the payment, which meant that the items would only reach me after her birthday celebration !!!!!! (i will update on whether the items reach me 28 days after the promotion k)

i'm seriously thankful to God that i decided to click for reviews else i'd be stupidly waiting for the snails and sloths to deliver my goods 28 days (or more) later.

after the whole singsale madness, i knew i had to get something else for the kids and i recalled seeing how Ribbonz has started making bag tags! (i'd actually intended to get them for children's day gifts for my girl's classmates). so anways...


we'll be giving out bag tags yeay!!

and since Parisian-inspired bag tags begin with letter P, i decided that the theme for her 2nd birthday celebration will be "P-party!" (ok i know themes are usually not necessary for celebrations in ccs and all but it's my girl's birthday so there!).

this is the list of what i've decided so far

For classmates - Parisian-inspired  Personalised bag tags from Ribbonz (as mentioned)

CC Teachers/Staff - Panna-cottas from Our Dessert Palace (instead of cake)
picture from Our Dessert Palace

Cake - Disney Princess  (Snow White) Ice-cream Cake from Swensen's

Colour scheme - Pink and Purple!

that's about all I suppose. now we wait. Oh! now we go get pink and purple stuff! P-Party!

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