Monday, June 11, 2012

polkadot polkadot polkadot pony!

saturday marked alisha's third visit to the zoo. there was no urgency this time. no need for mad dashes to go see the lions! zebras! tigers! it was basically a stroll in the park.

just when i thought the day couldn't have gone better, we headed for the kids' world (renamed Rainforest Kidzworld). my BIL had bought tickets for my nephew, 5y.o, to ride the pony so my niece,3 y.o, decided she wanted to go to. seeing this, my mum asked alisha if she wanted to ride the pony as well and she said, "yup". i thought it was cute that she displayed interest to ride the pony but i dismissed it thinking that she would not even dare to get close to the animal. my mum, on the other hand, went a step ahead and asked the guy i/c if alisha could have a go and he said ok. in a moment, alisha left my arms to go get on the pony and left me very very very surprised! here was a girl who would go all, "scared! alisha scared!" at most things and there she was getting on a pony without me!

who'd have thought that my teeny-weeny cherry queen has the courage of a mini joan of arc (ok fine. i'm exaggerating). i'm a proud mummy, truly.

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