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a couple of months ago, yanwen (an ex-colleague) posted an advertorial on merries diapers.  to be honest, what attracted me most were the two words, "free sample".  as most mummies i know these days, i wasn't going to throw a chance at getting a freebie so i clicked on the merries link provided and filled out my details. besides, i was still in search for the perfect diaper for alisha.

in search for the non-leak perfect fit. 

a couple of weeks later, we received a pack of two tape diapers from merries. my first thought when i saw them was, "homigod so thin!". i mean of course i'd read from yan's post that it was thin but well, i didn't expect it to be the olive oyl of diapers - which it is btw.  i honestly expected it to leak and believe me, i've had my fair share of dealing with leaked diapers.


Merries: The Olive Oyl of diapers 

which was what made me so excited really. and so i decided to share my feedback on the link posted together with free samples. i usually never ever give any feedback unless i'm madly pleased with the service/product. in fact, i can remember the 3 other times i've given feedback- to commend the excellent service of the staff at  Bali Island Villas and Spa where we'd gone for our honeymoon,  to extend my gratitude to Thai Airways's Agent 3227: Tissawat for his patience and helpfulness - haha i actually checked the record on my email ok - and to commend this certain server at Junction 8's Manhattan Fish Market because he was so gentle and courteous and just so idk GEMS-worthy. pardon the digression but i felt that you need to understand just how pleased the merries diaper experience made me.

i wasn't expecting anything when i gave my feedback but!!!! a couple of weeks after, i received an email from Ze Ting from Merries which read,

Hi Sue,

Thank you very much for your feedback and support for Merries diapers via our feedback form!
We are currently in the midst of preparing marketing collaterals for Merries diapers and we would like to have your positive input on Merries diapers as part of our testimonial segment.

i thought it was quite neat that they thought that my feedback was worthy enough to be part of some marketing collaterals - positive input - testimonial segment shazzam. i've just emailed Ze Ting a pic of me and Alisha  as requested and am now waiting to be updated "once the visuals are complete". hehehe.

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