Thursday, May 17, 2012

mcdees is evil

i got my medical report a couple of weeks back indicating that my cholesterol level was borderline high  and i made the decision to swear off fast food forever!

and then!!! mcdees decides to have hello kitty plushies. fts man seriously. i love love love hello kitty. i cannot quite explain why i am fond of the seemingly mouthless feline but i just am. (if you watch the hello kitty cartoon, you will know that hello kitty has a mouth). in fact, i am so fond of the cat that i was one of those who queued at mcdees back then (and was 'caught' by my jc econs tutor who went all "have you done your essays" on me).

my colleague just had to taunt me with a whatsapped image of the evil marketing ploy that's gotten me all messed up. and in the evening, when hubs came to fetch me, i caved going all, "can i have my last mcdees meal?" to which he replied "but i thought you said...." to which i responded by showing him the above-mentioned pic.

i believe this picture will give you an idea on what i had for dinner tonight. sigh.
i am now dangling 'free mcdees meals' offers to my colleagues so that i can own 3 others to complete the set without compromising my health. my addiction is beyond reason.

homigod. i went to twitter. hello kitty is trending in singapore. and now i'm watching a jay chou mv because one of the tweets brought me there.

"You want me to package myself into a Hello Kitty. Well I'm going to look like I've got some problems"

seriously now.

oh, and by the way, alisha's claimed hamburglar kitty and added it to her plush parade.

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